Looking for an event to bring everyone together? A one-of-a-kind event that no one will forget?

Koolulam events are experiential, powerful, and fulfill any dream or message through music.
In Koolulam events, the participants are the stars of the show!
You choose a song from our diverse song list, and the Koolulam conductors teach you to sing it in two-part harmony in a powerful, connecting, and inspiring event event.
It’s a transcendent experience of shared singing, a social choir full of hope and optimism. On stage, there are conductors, musicians, video art, diverse music, guest artists, and more.

Koolulam events are suitable for companies and organizations, municipalities, schools, and any group of over 50 participants


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“People need people, in ways we may not even be aware of. The more this connection grows, the more we can direct it in our daily lives.”

Prof. Shira Gabriel,
University at Buffalo, New York.

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