Frequently Asked Questions


Koolulam’s agent is Yael Cohen of “Caspit Representation and Production of Artists and Events Ltd״ and her phone number is


Koolulam can hold events ranging from 50 participants to 50,000 participants. With Koolulam, the sky’s the limit.

Absolutely! Koolulam specializes in corporate events. Whether it’s team building, a celebratory toast, or a holiday, Koolulam tailors events specifically for corporate settings. Here are some of our clients (link to company clip).

Certainly, Koolulam has extensive experience in organizing events for councils and municipalities. Here is a summary clip showcasing some of our powerful events for our clients.

watch example here

  • KoolSchool – a musical initiative for schools and art classes
  • Koolulam workshops for conferences and events with up to 200 participants
  • Crowd engagement activities, ice-breakers, and team bonding
  • Lectures by Koolulam founders – Or Taicher and Michal Shahaf
  • Masterclasses

Yes, it is possible to integrate certain artists. However, please note that integrating an artist into a Koolulam event requires preparation and rehearsals. 

There is an additional fee for integrating an artist into the event.

Watch example here

Yes! Here’s an example of an event we’ve done.

And you can also choose songs in English.

Absolutely. Koolulam works with the religious and Haredi sectors and has done so in the past.

From the age of 6.

No rehearsals are necessary whatsoever. Just get excited for the event, step out of your comfort zone, and unleash your voice.

The vocal distribution into two vocal groups is based on the seating arrangement of the audience in venuel and is done by distributing song sheets in two different colors. For example, Voice A will be those holding blue song sheets, and Voice B will be those with red song sheets.

There are songs performed in English, Russian, Arabic, and Amharic.

The participants are divided into groups and receive lyrics in phonetic translation. The process of learning the song and the roles is similar to learning any song.

Performing a song that is not on the list requires a new arrangement. Working on a new arrangement involves writing, composing and rehearsals. Not every song can be adapted to a Koolulam event. For an event with a song in a new arrangement, it is necessary to coordinate at least 3 months in advance, considering Koolulams schedule. Additional payment should also be taken into account for the work on the new arrangement.

A song in a new arrangement is chosen in collaboration with the client and Koolulam. Since not every song can be performed at a Koolulam event, the final decision is made by Koolulam, taking artistic considerations into account.

For a song with an existing arrangement – at least two weeks before the event.

For a song with a new arrangement – at least three months before the event. A new arrangement requires prior approval in writing.

Yes. Koolulam’s video clips are known for their cinematic quality and have even won international awards. We offer two types of video clips: a summary clip of the event and a full-length clip. Feel free to ask us about it.

Within 14 days. In special cases, it can be done sooner with prior approval and coordination.

As early as possible in the event’s agenda. If there is a speaker or a toast, they should open the event, and Koolulam should immediately follow, rather than being in the middle, at the end, or after other activities.

The quality of Koolulam events is also influenced by the enthusiasm and vitality of the participants. The Koolulam team is highly professional, and the performers on stage are charismatic and experienced. However, audience engagement is crucial both for maximizing the experience and for the visual impact of the video clip.

If you want to integrate Koolulam in a later stage of the event, Koolulam can provide a rythmic and instrumental audience engagement segment that can be performed at any stage of the event, creating a wonderful experience. This segment usually takes 15 to 20 minutes of audience participation.

In fact, it also serves any activity that comes after the Koolulam event since the experience is so powerful and unifying that it leaves the audience excited and united.